In 2018, I started my first blog about London, aimed to people willing to relocate to Great Britain. Thanks to my articles and advice, my community reached about 5.000 people in less than a year. I decided then to convert my blog into an online magazine getting it become a real brand. Thanks to different collaboration, I now offer different services such as guided tours, English courses held by some of the best Colleges and Universities in the United Kingdom and CV translation/editing.

As I am lucky to be born in one of the most wonderful islands on this earth, I couldn't create a website dedicated to Sardinia. Whoever, wants to visit or get to know this fabulous island, can definitely read this magazine. My team and me can share with you all the information you may need to plan your trip to Sardinia. 

Along with another marketer, I have launched a website about 'dropshipping', a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock, which has literally exploded recently. On this website, I share information, advice and strategies on how to start an e-commerce and scale a business. 

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