I am a digital strategist and a trainer. I love travelling, creating and working and working on new projects. Surely, I like writing as i started when I was child. I used to write poems, stories and later I, completely, fell in love with journalism and copywriting. 

I was born in Italy. However, I started to travel very early, at the age of 9 with my family and ,since then, I have neve given up. From 2012, after my BA in Communication at the University 'La Sapienza' in Rome, I travelled and spent several year working and studying in Germany and in Great Britain. I worked on several documentaries and collaborated with different magazine, online and printed. Yet, I got a MA at the Birkbeck University in London.

Meanwhile, I studied communication, digital marketing and psychology and I haven't completed my research yet. I now write for several online magazines such as Londra, Italia , Viaggi Low Cost and Italia Living. 

I mostly write about travelling, culture, lifestyle and Italian excellence. 

I am also a Social Media Trainer Consultant and an English Assessor. Yet, I have got an affiliate website with a highly reputable Italian travel agency where you can book your holiday and live the life you want! 

If you already know you want to visit Sardinia or Great Britain, check my travel magazines instead!

Juli Piscedda

Digital strategist &

SEO Copywriter

My international partners

We specialize in providing solutions that assist businesses reach out to prospects, retain the current customers, enhance their brands, increase market share and obtain competitive advantage. 

Offriamo servizi per la comunicazione digitale e analogica dove poniamo la persona prima della macchina. Siamo adattabili, fluidi, dinamici. Ci piace definirci “Artigiani della comunicazione”.

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